Looking to just show up & participate in anything EY does? Looking to help fund cool stuff? Looking to be a volunteer to help make the magic happen (& come away with a T-shirt?) Have other awesome ideas & the time, talent, or resources to bring them to fruition? Let us know!


Experience Yardley is a Certified PA Charity and 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation. We are all volunteers and care about helping Yardley be the best it can be as residents, businesses and property owners.

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Our Mission

Experience Yardley engages in creating and managing community events and placemaking projects that show off Yardley's charm, natural assets & great downtown. We seek to integrate accessible creativity and authentic arts and culture in everything we do. We market the community to residents, workers, visitors, and potential businesses, seeking to improve the quality of life and commerce in our small town of only one square mile.