Placemaking: Cool projects that help make Yardley a great “place” to experience!

Yardley is already a great “place” to live, work, shop, and visit!  Experience Yardley leads and supports efforts to make it even better!  We apply for grants, find sponsors, coordinate volunteers and coordinate with  Yardley Borough to enhance our community, both in the downtown and elsewhere.



All over Yardley (but mostly downtown)


Timing varies by project


Buttonwood Plaza

Working with Yardley Borough, the National Association of Realtors(R), local property owners, and local business owners, we have made strides since 2014 to improve the aesthetics and functionality of Buttonwood Plaza in the heart of Yardley’s downtown. Buttonwood Plaza is now a public “place” for comfortably hanging out 9 months each year, and also hosts Music on Main’s downtown performances all summer long.

Seating, Planters and Lighting
Where once there was just a wide sidewalk, there are now two dozen colorful cafe seats, a dozen cafe tables, and three large planters that are maintained with seasonal plantings by the 100+ year-old Yardley legacy business Ye Olde Yardley Florist.  Additionally, through a donation by Burritos and support of Yardley Borough, there are glowing cafe lights that line the Buttonwood Plaza area adding a sense of warmth and welcome every evening throughout the year.

Experience Yardley is working with local property, business owners, and Yardley Borough to obtain permission and support for hanging another 300 cafe lights (already purchased) across Buttonwood Plaza and Buttonwood Drive.

Yarn Bombing
Experience Yardley hopes to work with Yardley Borough to obtain permission and support for a volunteer-led effort to “yarn bomb” (create and place colorful yarn art) around the lower parts of the trees on Buttonwood Plaza.  This form of public art would add additional color and vibrancy to Buttonwood Plaza.

For 2019, Experience Yardley hopes to be working with local property, business owners, and Yardley Borough to obtain permission and support for creating a professionally-painted and/or mosaic mural along the building wall (at 15 S. Main Street) that faces Buttonwood Plaza.  Experience Yardley is seeking grant funding to pay for the mural.


Experience Yardley is working with PENNDOT and Yardley Borough to obtain permission and support for pedestrian-scale wayfinding signage at several locations throughout the downtown.  The signs would be placed on existing light and other poles in sites along South Main Street, East Afton and West Afton Avenues.  Thanks to Liberation Way in Yardley, the project is completely funded and only waiting on Borough approval in order to be designed and implemented.

Rivermawr Green

For 2018, in honor of the 10th anniversary of Canal-O-Ween, Experience Yardley will be working with Yardley Borough to obtain permission and support to place a welcome sign for Rivermawr Green, the small Borough park located at Morgan and Maple Avenues that is the host location for the annual Carve-O-Thon.   The sign would be of the standard design as the existing signs at Buttonwood Park and FitzGerald Field.